1. Ever wondered why Imam a.s took his family (i.e. children and women) along to Karbala despite the fact that Wars are fought by men?

2. Ever wondered why Imam a.s called for help on the evening of Ashoora (moments before he was Martyred) and not while leaving Medina or Mecca?

3. Ever wondered why Imam Hussain a.s was chosen for Karbala and not anybody else?

4. Ever wondered why Abbas a.s was not permitted to fight despite his chivalry with which he could have handled all the enemies single-handedly?

5. Ever wondered why Imam a.s didn’t create a fountain of water with Miracle when he was thirsty?

6. Ever wondered why a guest (Hurr a.s) was sent first and Ali Asghar a.s (6 months old child) was brought last into the battle under the scorching heat of Karbala?

7. Ever wondered why Imam a.s called Habib Ibn e Mazahir a.s (his childhood companion) to Karbala despite his old age (75 to be precise)?

Many more questions should come your way if you contemplate deeper into the true meaning of Karbala. But the answer to all those questions will be one and unanimous.

“To set an example for people like you and me, to face and endure anything with patience if Islam calls for it”

1. Imam took his family (women, children and a patient son) to Karbala so that believers in the future do not hesitate in doing so if Islam needs it. Sacrificing brother as old as 32 years, son as young as 18 years, nephew as young as 13 years, and what not…

2. Imam called for help to let us know that Karbala has not ended. It is ever going. Imam a.s didn’t say I will never swear allegiance to Yazid, rather he said, a person like me will never swear allegiance to a person like Yazid to convey the continuity of this mission in the time to come.

3. Imam Hussain a.s was chosen to ensure that nobody feels reluctant to sacrifice himself for Islam because of his status. Can anybody’s status be above the Leader of Youth in Paradise?

4. Imam a.s wanted to convey the message that only victories (like Badar, Ahzab) do not ensure the safety of religion. At times, sacrifice is indispensable. If you are with the truth, victory or defeat doesn’t matter.
وَتُعِزُّ مَن تَشَاءُ وَتُذِلُّ مَن تَشَاءُ.

5. Had Imam a.s created a fountain to quench his thirst, the believers in the time to come would have desired to be blessed with Miracles to save Islam.

6. Imam sent Hurr a.s first because the longer someone lived that day, the longer the test of his patience (because of thirst) was. Indirectly Imam a.s conveyed us by bringing 6 months old child at the end that age doesn’t matter when it comes to survival of religion.

7. Imam a.s called 75 years old Habib a.s to Karbala to give a crystal clear message to us that no matter what our age is, it’s our duty to respond to the call of “ھل من ناصر ینصرنا”

——————-حقا کہ بنا لا الٰہ است حْسین———————



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(Recap of Chapter-1 is given below but you can read complete CHAPTER-1 by clicking the link below)


Recap of Horizons – Chapter 1

Caroline has been looking for Adney since the past 5 days with summer vacations coming ahead. Caroline meets Adney in the Academic Record Office where Adney was placing the documents of Isabel, a Spanish girl whom he loves, back. They exchange some words and Adney leaves in a hurry. Adney contacts Isabel and is invited at the Arts Gallery to meet her whereas Caroline is still thinking about Adney’s presence and the words he uttered in Academic Record Office. Adney reaches the arts Gallery and sees Isabel standing and proceeds towards her, a lifetime wish coming true.


Finally, it was the most awaited day that had dawned upon London, at least for these two. People were busy in their evening walks along the River Thames. Someone got into taxi and departed for Public park. Others went into the sky touching shopping mall and came back loaded with plastic bags that might have contained a Gold Watch for their fiancee, a Landscape scenery for their new house, a folded Cot for their young baby, a bottle for bubble bath … Infact everything went the same way for everyone else. But the same day was special for both of them. Pauline, friend of Adney was also invited. Everybody was happy. Pauline hurried towards his destination. With the red chain fences, red carpet, The big vases of flowers were spreading fragrance everywhere. White shining pillars engraved with golden flowers indeed presented everyone an alluring and frantic sight. Pauline stepped out from the car and went straight towards a person standing as guard. Both of them were more happier than others as it was the day, the most memorable of one’s life. Pauline gave him the card of invitation. It was the dream coming true. The Happiness of their lives lied hidden in that day. Both of them were finally espousing each other. The card read 

Invitation to auspicious occasion of Sarah’s and Robert’s Wedding. 

Robert was Adney cousin and it was his love marriage. Sarah belonged to a conservative and religious family. Sarah had graduated from the University of London Air Squadron. She was wealthy and Gorgeous. Robert was handsome, too.

Beautiful Things are made for each other in this world.

Adney was also there. He saw the proceedings. An hour appointment was booked for the whole ceremony. Robert’s and Sarah’s guests arrived 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony. This allowed them time for photographs and to have their pre – ceremony interview with the registrar – a customary thing. Both were interviewed separately because they preferred to maintain tradition. Musical preludes and solos were suiting the atmosphere. Then ushers lighted the candles just before the start of the wedding ceremony. Both had to listen to a short note on “Biblical significance of today’s Christian wedding traditions”  to gain a deeper understanding of their Christian wedding ceremony and to make their special day even more meaningful. As a tradition, Parents of both the spouses sat afterwards. Robert entered the ring with the minister followed by Sarah and her father, then followed by the flower girl and Ring bearer. Sarah’s mother rose up and just after that Minister announced ” All Rise For Bride “. The event was followed up by Opening Remarks, Opening Prayer, Seating of Congregation, Giving Away of the Bride, Worship song (Hymn), Pledge, Wedding Vows, Exchanging of Rings, Lightning of Unity Candles, Pronouncement ……… much more but Adney was lost in his own thoughts. Isabel was the centre of thoughts wandering in his head. That meeting has left him bit depressed and dejected. The same morning when he had the smile, had now turned into a gloomy evening. Shattering away his hopes were those words of Isabel. They were pinching deep in his heart. He never knew and never believed even.

How unsure the life is …

Thought Adney as he kept staring at the window beside the candles, suddenly someone shook him. He gave a reflex. 

“Everybody’s gone, where are you “, Asked Pauline.

” Oh .. Aha .. Aaah .. Yah .. I am fine . Here .. Here .. Here in front of you .. I am .. “, replied Adney in a perplexed and frustrated manner.

” What has happened , Just tell me “, asked Pauline while sitting just next to Adney.

” Nothing has happened “, Adney replied abruptly while staring in Pauline’s eyes, and stood up.

” Where are you going then … “, Pauline got hold of his hand.

” I have a home “, replied Adney barely controlling his emotions that had kept him unconscious of the proceedings of the Marriage Ceremony. No one has control of his emotions. He gave a jerk thus getting rid of Pauline’s hold over his hand.

” I never knew that you have one” laughed Pauline.

Adney didn’t give attention to Pauline’s Sardonic smile. He hurried towards his car which was parked just next to the Minister’s Car in front of Royal Wedding Corporations.

” Adney, I think we should talk over “, Pauline shouted at Adney while following him towards the parking.

Adney twisted the key, pressed hard on the accelerator and was out of sight after couple of seconds.

Pauline still had the inquisition to know what happened to Adney. He was never so hard on him. Today there was something that meant to Adney a lot that’s why he was so brusque. The churlishness and curt in his speech obscured a deep feeling of his heart, Adney was sure. But to know that mysterious secret was easier said than done. 

Pauline left the place with a sigh, a sigh that included a determination to help Adney, a sigh for help …
Adney reached the City Library that day. It was located next to a Shopping mall. Library had a long Hallway which was full of ancient pictures, pictures of battles, much more. Hallway ended up at a big white door with a silver door knob. The knob was a masterpiece. The lights of hallway beamed down in such a way that their rays never intersected. A person going straight might experience an alternation of day and night 12 times for there were 12 lights in total. Many other doors openend into the offices alongside the hallway. One mystery that remained unclarified to Adney was the big picture above the white door that had special lights beaming on it. There were lots of stars in the sky but scattered, and all of them clustered in the middle. It looked like all the stars moved to a single focal point where they met and energized a big explosion over there. But it never related any battle, any King, any historical stuff like that and it took the main position while many other like the scenery of The battle of Cascade didn’t get upto that coveted position. Adney didn’t focus and moved ahead. He stepped up the stairs and now as he headed towards the door, he felt like its a place too narrow for even two people to move together. He twisted the masterpiece, and pushed the big door. It didn’t move.
“Is it locked “, thought Adney.
“Its neither Sunday nor Christmas “, Adney replied to himself.
“Then why ?? “, Adney was confused.
He stepped back and turned 180 degree to the left and moved ahead. He was gloomy from inside, he wanted the calm of inside. As he raised his eyebrows, he saw the words carved with gold above the main door from where he had entered.
“Unventured once again remains impossible forever”
He turned 180 degrees to the left, while turning aroung he saw the big scenaries that depicted the leaders who conquered the great battles, they were lushed in blood, everyone seemed to have a story of his own, but all did defeat their enemies … Adney headed towards the White door once again. He pushed it once again, pushed it harder and it opened slightly but closed again. Adney was now confirmed that library is open. He pushed it more harder and it opened to an extent that gave him room to enter. Finally he entered the big library. The first thing that he saw inside was the Statue of Liberty hung infront of him with Columbus raising his hand high up as if he had achieved all what he wanted to, as if he has met the horizon of his struggles and ambition.
Adney headed towards the quite corner. Library had a scent that was too soothing for him.




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Even Paradise ( Jannah ) is at the cost of death.


My 35 Project

Today, I’ve read approximately 200 posts about New Year Resolutions.

  • About 40% of them were about how useless that is. They say, resolutions never work! This is the voice of learned helplessness.
  • Another 30% made huge decisions on changing habits or moods, like quitting smoking or smiling more, or even “be happy every day”. How can being happy a goal? Though it can be a consequence of achieving one’s goals.
  • About 20% made jokes about how they will break these resolutions in 2 weeks.
  • and the 10% of them have set clearly defined, time-bound goals with more or less planning.

I’ve been all these people in the past. I joked with myself, act as an anti-resolver or walked around like a shiny happy butterfly of hopes and wishes.

Until this blog, I’ve never been so dedicated to my goals. That’s why, making a project of your life far from just wishes, promises to quit bad habits…

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The Dilemma

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People got tongues to speak over what you did with your hands. So let them do what they are better at, and do what you are better at.

7 Most Valuable Lessons of 2014

It seems like 2014 just began. Now in a matter of hours we are all about to say our farewells and welcome

the coming year.  Not surprising, since I know many others do it as well, I usually spend a few weeks

reflecting as things wind down – a yearly review if you will.  So here is an abbreviated version for those it

may interest.  All best wishes to you in 2015.

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A Winter Rose Surviving.

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A Winter Rose Surviving

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It might be Winter but some flower varieties are tough in Oregon. I’ll guess that this is a tiny rose that I captured yesterday on my Oregon Zoo walk. Most of the animals were safely warm in their indoor habitats but there were a few opportunities to photograph the brightly colored plants. I hope they’re hardy for it’s heading for 22 tonight.

Solo Winter Rose

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The Two Faced Human Being .. !

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Human beings have got two tongues nowadays, one to speak to you, and the other to speak about you.

Double-Faced People

The Two Faces

The glittering stars high above in the sky looked so beautiful to him. He was lying next to her mother. His sister was also gazing at the stars through the clear window that were scattered so beautifully as if they were pearls floating on the sea. The day had been so good and the delicious dinner, the last dinner, had just added to the happiness of the siblings. Their mother was so happy to see the eyes sparkling with happiness. Happiness she used to look for and the moments she cherished the most.
“Mama, I want to reach those stars.” said the son.
“if you study well and work hard, you will reach there one day” replied the mother.
“Mama, Why I am not like the star. I wanted to be one of them. Shining high above and happy forever.” Said the daughter.
“Because I am here. I don’t want you both to be there because I will miss you” replied the mother with a smile.
“Mama, I will take you there with myself” said the daughter hurriedly.
Mother smiled and gave her a pat on her head. She kissed both of them. She felt like her heart was heavy but as she saw both of them sleeping at her side, she smiled and closed her eyes. The pleasure and the warmth she had in her arms was never going to be the same.

The day started as usual. Sun was about to rise when she woke them up and asked both of them to offer their prayers. Both of them insisted not to leave the cozy bed but she forced both of them to leave their bed by sprinkling cold water on their faces.
Both the son and the daughter had to get up for now they felt uncomfortable in the bed. Making different faces, they did the ablution and stood up with their mother for the morning prayer.
After offering the prayer, she asked both of them to take a shower and hurriedly get ready for the school. While they were preparing for their last journey, mother went on to prepare the last breakfast for them. After preparing the breakfast, she prepared the lunch box for both of them with the love, with affection.
There came the children in their beautiful green uniform.
With their satchels filled with the books at their backs, one held the index finger of right hand of their mother and the other one held the index finger of the left hand of their mother. With all the dreams that a mother has for her children, she left the house for she wanted to educate them to see them as a better and civilized human being.
When they reached infront of the school, the mother kissed the children on their foreheads and bade them farewell with the words ” I will be here at your pack up time. Don’t be late. And finish your lunch completly. ”

Both of them went inside and bade each other a final farewell too. As both of them took their way to their classrooms, they looked back to each other once more as if today they didn’t want to go to different classrooms.

The moments passed by and while he was listening to the lecture, he heard a gunshot. Before he could interpret what was going on, he heard another. With the all the fear, he turned around to see who was behind but alas ! They didn’t allow him. The jelly like fluid oozed out of his eye as some thing really fast and sharp penetrated his eye socket. He could feel the pain but was never allowed to express as the bearded guy kept the gun directed towards him before pulling the trigger again. He saw his friends who fell to floor as the same happened to them.
There he heard another shot.
“Nothing more !! I can’t bear the inhumanity anymore. I hate the land. I hate the world.” He thought to himself.
“I have to go, have to go to a safer place. The heavens mayb.” Confused within himself, he came up with random thoughts.
But his soul departed with all the hatred for the land where barbarian people were roaming so freely.

Her mother came at about 3pm to pick both the siblings but as she reached there, things were not the same.
Now there was no one to hold the index finger of right hand. The untouched lunch box, the satchel with dark red spots. There was no one to whom her daughter could bid farewell now. A week passed and as the mother forced her daughter to sleep, the tears tickled from her cheeks and went straight on to the eyes of her daughter. She woke up and pointing towards the stars she said to the mother ” Don’t worry. My brother has gone there. High up to meet those stars. He will call us soon and we will live there with him. ”
All the mother could do was to give a fake smile. She did. Both of them knew how grieved were they from inside. The melancholy they could never deny.